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Protecting Your Rights During Criminal Charges

Experienced and Accessible Criminal Defense Attorney

Few things are more frightening than not knowing what will happen next in your life. However, for many people who are arrested for criminal activity, that is exactly what happens. Many people are worried about going to jail, losing their job or paying heavy fines. Everything they have worked for is on the line.

If you are facing charges for a violent crime, drug crime or white collar crime, it is important to find a lawyer who can give you the aggressive criminal defense you need.

Personal Attention From an Experienced Lawyer

At some firms, clients are treated as little more than case numbers or legal problems. When you work with me, that is never the experience you will have. When people hire me, they are dealing only with me. There is no middle man, no associates and no run around to get to me. I am accessible to efficiently meet the needs of my clients.

I always give my clients the information they need at every step of the process. Fear of the unknown is terrifying, and I try to take fear out of the equation by educating my clients about what to expect at every step of the process. I help my clients understand the charges, their options and the possible ramifications of each choice.

Whether you are facing charges for drunk driving, domestic abuse or child pornography, I can help protect your rights.