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Defending People Against Drug Charges for Over Two Decades

A charge for drug possession or trafficking can be a serious misdemeanor or even felony. For more than 20 years, I have represented individuals facing all types of drug charges, from possession to unlawful distribution, trafficking and manufacturing.

I work diligently toward the best possible solution for each client. If you are facing charges concerning marijuana, crack cocaine or crystal meth, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

Competent and Understanding Legal Representation

I have handled many types of cases over the years, involving a variety of drug-related charges. I understand the difficulties confronting each client and I offer advice in each step of the process.

Even when it appears the case against you is solid, you still have a chance to work out a plea or get your charges dropped entirely. You have several options at your disposal, and I will employ every tool that I have as an advocate to get the best results possible in your case.

Alternative Options for Disposition

Alabama offers conditional alternative sentencing in some cases. In these cases, my clients have two years to complete a treatment program, after which their cases are dismissed. Individuals entering this program must complete treatment or be subject to a sentence of two years in prison.

I understand your options for alternative sentencing and I can recommend a treatment system for you. Your very freedom is at stake; I work with every client to ensure they receive the best chance for living productively as possible.

Contact my office today to schedule a consultation regarding your drug charges. I’ll work hard to preserve your rights.