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Accident Attorneys – Personal Injury Lawyers

Motor vehicle accidents on Texas highways pose a serious problem. As traffic intensifies across our interstate system due to urban sprawl, it comes as no surprise that the number of accidents involving cars and, trucks and motorcycles have also grown. More information on this website
Texas highways, including I-35, I-10, I-20, and others, are often the preferred routes for semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. These trucks may come from Mexico, Canada, Texas, and other states, and they are carrying heavy loads and traveling at high speeds.accident attorneys

Of all the Texas inter-urban interstates, I-35 between San Antonio and Dallas-Ft. Worth is the busiest, and it typically operates at or above its capacity. More than 50,000 vehicles per day are common along this stretch, with this number increasing during holiday periods. Not only is the increase in large trucks, but the number of passenger vehicles on Interstate 35 is also growing. According to Allstate America’s Best Driver’s Report, Austin, Texas ranks low on the list of cities with safe driving records, primarily due to vehicles making improper lane changes, exits, and entrances on and off of I-35.

I-45 connects the state’s two largest cities, Houston and Dallas, and includes an important port. As a result, even rural stretches of this Texas highway can experience heavy traffic and an unusually high number of car and truck accidents.

Interstate 37 connects Corpus Christi in southern Texas to the rest of the interstate system, and plays a major role in interstate commerce, due to the port of Corpus Christi. Vehicle accidents on I-37 can be dangerous to unsuspecting drivers on this stretch of highway.

Increasing international trade contributes to heavy truck traffic on I-10. With many major freight origins and destinations along this route, semi-truck drivers travel this road frequently – often facing tight deadlines that can cause them to drive at unsafe speeds and without sufficient rest.

I-20 is a major east-west interstate highway in Texas and the southeastern United States, spanning 1,535 miles from near Kent, Texas, to Florence, South Carolina. I-20 runs through six states in all, including Texas, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. Interstate 20 has one very dangerous difference that sets it apart from other interstates. Between Monahans, TX and I-10, this roadway has an 80 mph speed limit, the highest in the United accident attorneys

I-27 travels over many rural areas in Texas, yet those stretches of the interstate are often populated by semi-trucks and tractor-trailers. The total number of vehicles may not be as high as other roads in the interstate system, but when the majority of vehicles are large trucks, a high propensity for traffic accidents comes with the territory. More here

If you are involved in a vehicle accident on a Texas highway, you should contact an attorney familiar with the area who has the knowledge to investigate your claim and prepare an effective lawsuit.

The attorneys of our Law Firm have experience handling vehicle accident cases that occur on Texas highways. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a Texas highway accident, please contact our accident lawyers today for a free consultation.