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Defending Young Adults in Criminal Matters

Some people say youth is wasted on the young. I don’t agree with that. Young people are willing to take chances and make mistakes. They stretch beyond their comfort zone, and they test rules to find the real limits.

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids and teenagers like to spend time with their friends. They are at an age where they are easily influenced by the people around them. Unfortunately, when you get a group of young people together, they do not always make the smartest choices. I defend teenagers who are facing charges for juvenile crimes, including:

  • Drug crimes: I defend juveniles who are facing charges for possession, possession with intent to sell, trafficking or manufacturing illegal or prescription drugs.
  • Drunk driving: If you are under 21, it is illegal to consume any amount of alcohol. If you are pulled over after you have been drinking and driving, the penalties can be severe.
  • Theft: Whether you are caught shoplifting or stealing items with more value, it is important to protect your criminal record.

I work with clients to minimize the charges they are facing. Although I cannot guarantee results for my clients, I work with juveniles and their parents to try to keep them out of jail and juvenile detention facilities.

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