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What Survivors Must Consider When a Family Member Dies in a Defective Tire Accident

What Survivors Must Consider When a Family Member Dies in a Defective Tire Accident

Our lawyers even more thoroughly appraise every wrongful death case to maximize its potential value when filing a claim on behalf of surviving family members. Any good personal injury or wrongful death attorney has this refined ability to correctly identify and calculate all the damages to which a client is entitled.truck/car accident attorneys

Your family’s lawyer must win the highest fair compensation to you – the family of the deceased – and prevent future similar accidents by bringing charges against all negligent parties. Under Texas civil law, defendants who are not held legally accountable for death under criminal law can still be held fiscally responsible for deaths they may have caused through a civil lawsuit for damages. Occasionally, our investigations into a tire-related wrongful death lawsuit arising from defective tires might reveal evidence that proves the death was the result of an intentional act. We then hand that information over to district attorneys if they wish to pursue criminal charges against the perpetrators.

Surviving family members in wrongful death lawsuits can win the same types of damages as accident victims who do not die. Damages not only for traditional injury but also wrongful death damages owed the surviving family members who lose a loved one in a tragic and needless defective tire accident. Only spouses, children, parents, and, in rare cases, dependent siblings are allowed to seek wrongful death damages in most Texas car accident cases. Damages often include the victim’s medical expenses prior to death, funeral expenses, and loss of future monetary support the deceased would have provided to his or her family. Damages may also include compensation for mental and emotional trauma to the family as well as the emotional loss of the unique familial love that the deceased victim can no longer share with the family.

The closest living relative may pursue survival damage compensation, with the spouse typically being the first one who can rightfully claim. If there is no spouse (in most cases, ex-spouses cannot file) the right to file for survival damages then passes to the children with the oldest being first. If there are no living children, the next in line are the deceased victim’s parents and, finally, fellow siblings.

A wrongful death suit is the only way to bring those who caused the death of your loved one to full civil justice. It is not unusual for some of the laws governing wrongful death to overlap with other, more general damages. This overlap can, at times, complicate the issue of appropriate compensation and is another reason why you need assistance by an experienced defective tire lawyer to win the fair value of the compensation you seek, either through a civil trial or insurance settlement.

For decades our Law Firm has helped many victims and their families of defective tire, blowout, or rollover accidents. If you or a loved one has suffered from such an accident, you should call us today at 1(210) 503-7870 to arrange for a free consultation with our team of experienced accident injury lawyers. We are adept at representing victims of wrecks caused by defective tires and blowouts. We can answer any of your questions about the specific details of your case and help you on the road to recovery.

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